Church of Tyler - Zine I is the collaborative experimental project of Beril Toka, Aaron Jacob and Paula Hansanugrum. It is the first of three zines in a series, revolving around the novel Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk and the film it was based on. The format of the zine is small in order to remind the reader of a religious pamphlet, reflecting the real-world presence of "Durdenists" and the intriguing cult-like behavior of that particular cultural phenomenon.

Zine I examines the concepts and themes raised within the novel and juxtaposes them with current theories on economy, thoughts regarding peace and violence, consumerism & American capitalism. The imagery includes our explorations with xerox copies of vintage books, text books, typography, photographs, and illustrations, and have mostly been manually altered without the use of computer software. It is in no way supposed to look highly designed. It also does not make a statement for or against these concepts.

The series will also include two other zines; Durdenisms - Zine II and Worker bees can leave Even drones can fly away The queen is their slave - Zine III. (A big thank you to Kinko's for a completely free project, after all, zines are supposed to be cheap!)